Initial Proposal


Still awaiting feedback on whether this is viable to look into but this is what I initially submitted that I’d like to look into.

“What are the most important factors when constructing a game level to maximize player interest and readability of the scene?”

• Analysing what works well and what doesn’t in a set number of games (most likely 3rd person games from a variety of genres) using player feedback, hopefully some industry feedback on what constitutes good level design and more importantly from an art stand point, what elements are used to create a believable scene that “tells a story” while aiding the player to read the scene easily to navigate the world without confusion.

• I’m hoping to identify important techniques and methodology used within industry to highlight how to construct a compelling level that reads well. Examples I expect to see such as prop placement, scene composition, lighting position and landmark structures. Similarly I want to look at factors that create a visually appealing level, for example in an open world game using modular building assets; how artists overcome repetition of similar assets, using props, colouring, lighting and any other techniques. Another would be scene destruction; techniques used to create believable damage in an environment and how to use assets to enhance the “story” behind it.


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