FYP: Blocking out the Environnment

Final Year Project

The next step was mock up the environment within UDK to gather metrics of the proportions and scale of the environment as well working out the scale of individual assets.

The individual asset scale was calculated using existing character models from the game which were scaled correctly to six feet tall. This equated to 96 unreal units in height which gave the foundation to the roughing out the size of the individual assets.


Once the rough shape had been blocked and the environment felt the right scale, the entire blockout was imported in 3DS Max where assets could be refined as seen in the above image.

From there individual assets were roughed out to basic shape and tested for the correct scale and look. A lot of time was spent getting the headroom of the balcony and stair height correct to the size of the environment.


As shown in the above image the blockout continued to be refined until the entire core shapes of the main structure were complete. From there development moved on working on the individual prop assets and the main warp core shape where full production started.


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