FYP: Starfleet Engineering Complex

Final Year Project

There has always been something compelling about environments in games. Unlike some TV shows and big budget movies, computer game environments have a way of realising the most fantastical locales and creating spectacles that go beyond simply seeing it on screen; to experience it, to interact with it through games. There is something special within games where a player can travel through an environment and be able to pause and take in the view of a vista that isn’t afforded in the world of a film where the viewer is simply taken for a ride by the director.

Personally, Star Trek has always been an inspiration in creating realistic environments within a science fiction setting, whether aboard a starship or an exotic alien planet. As a child it was always a goal to create an environment based in that universe and now with movies, games and art books now is a great time to create such a piece.

As an aspiring environment artist, it will be vital to visualise concept art into a working 3D space, for which the preliminary inspiration of the project will be to create a Star Trek themed environment based from an existence production concept piece by John Eaves.

For this project the aim is to develop a broader understanding of the key elements to creating a large scale game environment, learning the principles of creating modular assets as well looking into creating advanced material setups to creating more realistic textures within the game world. The goal is to create an environment that is recognisable and faithful to the visuals and concepts of the Star Trek universe by creating art assets and props to a high standard.



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