FYP: Creating the Engineering Consoles

Final Year Project

The first asset that was developed was the free standing console that would be used in conjunction with the handrails. The shape varied little but from the concept two versions would be made, a small square console and longer rectangular one.

The assets were modelling and textured as normal. When it came to applying the LCARS design onto the mesh some research was need on how to swap out the texture to create some variation.

After investigating how this could be achieved it was decided that the LCARS area of the console would use a different material channel as shown in image below. When imported into unreal the different material would allow the user to interchange the textures of a specific part of the asset rather than remove the entire texture.

console in max

Once the core LCARS material was set up and applied to several of the smaller console it was time to create the larger main engineering console. These workstations were created in the same manner in addition to creating multiple screens on one model. The larger consoles had addition of quite a few material channels due to more than one screen existing on the model.

The larger console used 6 material channels, one for each material variant, this ensured the most diversity possible.

When the larger consoles were placed in the game it became apparent that there was too much going on visually. From there, a blank material was created and substituted over one on the LCARS screens to give the appearance the monitor was not in use. This broke up the visuals nicely. In the final package ten console variations were create as shown below.

console variants final


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