FYP: Creating the Remaining Assets Part 1

Final Year Project

Once the most technical aspects of the environment were completed development continued onto to the remaining assets.


The flooring for the environment was relatively simple plan and construct. They key feature was the circular shaft that led down to the base of the warp core

Due to the repetitive layout of the room it was decided that model could be created by modelling a quarter of the environment, mirroring the other half in UDK and the duplicating the rest and dropping it down to create the split level from the concept.

The model was textured using a combination of UV unwrapping for the panelled areas such as down the cylindrical shaft area and UV mapping using seamless tiling texture such as the a brushed metal texture.

Four materials were applied in UDK to create varied detail such as carpet, metal and ribbed panelling. The final model is shown below.

floor complete


The handrails were based off the existing ones seen in several of Star Trek series, design of the chrome parts of the rails were replicated and the red bannister was textured using a seamless wood material and enhanced to appear glossy within UDK.

The handrails were modular in construction so that they could be placed easily around the octagonal shaped walkway and around the staircase area towards the back of the complex.

Due to the curvature of the warp core area a variation was made in 3DS Max where a row of handrails were placed together and a bend modifier used to curve the selection 180°. This version was placed around both sides of the warp core area.

Finally, three variations of the handrails were made to accommodate the staircase model. A top, middle and bottom version were made using an FFD modifier to curve the bannisters, this allowed for a sleeker look as the player travelled down the stairs. The final models are shown below.


Walls and Ceiling

The walls were modelled with the intent to be textured in a very modular way. Towards the bottom of the walls where the detail would be greatest a modelled grid was created which allowed for the repeat texturing of the panelling material, the same method was applied to around the archway openings which allowed for an emissive light texture to be tiled.

In addition to the panelling material band of a tiled heated metal texture were used to break of the lines of the walls.

Three variations were required, the standard wall the majority of the complex, a wall with a huge open for the power transfer conduits to travel through and a third all variation that had an open at the bottom to all a staircase for the player to gain access to the upper walkway.

The ceiling model was created a cylinder mesh that was snapped exactly to the wall meshes within in 3DS Max. From there the majority of the mesh was deleted leaving only one eighth of the original model. Like the wall meshes, the pivot points were centred around the warp core allowing for a perfect fit for the modular assets to snap together.

In order to break up the roof space a simple beam was created that locked in around the roof and the warp core. All wall meshes and ceiling assets are shown below.

walls and ceiling


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