Ghost P.A.D.

Ghost P.A.D.

Ghost P.A.D. is a augment reality game where the player must tap to banish approaching malevolent spirits.

For this game I create many particles in the form of the enemy ghosts, several variations can be seen here.

In addition to the ghost particles I created a few death effects for the apparitions as well the smaller orbs.

Some ghosts such as the little girl Veronica, the Shade and the Reverent create interference with the players equipment. Static will build up on the players screen and sudden the ghost will shockingly emerge to scare them.

Veronica Scare Effect

Veronica Scare Effect

The main HUD for the game required a hit affect if the ghosts reach the player, resulting is an electrical short that disables the equipment for a short time.

HUD Damage Effect

HUD Damage Effect


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