New Set of Backgrounds

Advanced Games Development

I created a new set of background images with 3 parallax layers for the level, matching the style of the level tiles.



Mushroom Level Props

Advanced Games Development

Just been working on some level props to be placed in the background as well as some simple water titles if the level needs them. Due to the problem of the number of assets the game can handle at any one time I’m having to be very conservative of how many things I can make.

I’m going to be looking at creating the modular background for the level next and working out how to get the parallax looking half decent.

Mushroom Props

Art Style Test

Advanced Games Development

I’ve just been working on some test pieces, messing about with some layer styles to get a similar look to other assets made within the team.
I do like the simple look though I have a few issues to work out on the way the tiles fit together and the conflicting shadows and other problems.

Another thing I decided to do was lower the collisions of some of the pieces, before they went right to the edge of the sprite which didn’t allow for any detail like grass and leaves which was the aim on this one.
I’ve annotated a test image below.