Rocket Ranger Reloaded

Rocket Ranger

Rocket Ranger Reloaded is a Kickstarter project to recreate the original 80’s game for PC, iOS & Android.

For the Rocket Ranger demo the game play would be split between in air combat and on the ground.

One of the iconic missions of the original 80’s game was the chase of the Nazi zeppelin, so it was one of the first assets I created.

Once the menu system and level select was set up, I added particle effects and animation to the background, pulsing radar rings to recreate that 1940’s look.

Rocket Ranger Extended Demo 2015-05-12 17-36-06-29

The Rocket Ranger character model was outsourced but all plane models and particle effects in the level were made by myself. In addition all of the flight paths of the enemy were created by me using an in house tool.

Here is a selection of screenshots from aerial portion of the demo.

After the boss plane is defeat the game play moves onto the ground. For this section I created a modular set of canyon assets, trees, rocks and other props for the level.

After the demo was completed development shifted to creating new environments for the game. A frozen tundra and jungle areas were concepts and the the decision was take to go for the jungle environments, recreating the battle at a ruined temple from the original game.

I created a more elaborate set of modular ground assets to create a winding amazonian level, complete with trees, grass, rocks and mountainsides as well several particle effects such as a large waterfall and rolling mist.