SGI: Wraith Assault Titan

Stargate: Invasion

This is the assault version of the super hive ship seen at the end of the Stargate Atlantis, the design was that a big opened maw structure with support structures seen inside. A centre structure towards the centre would be capable of firing either a heavy plasma weapon attack or perhaps a huge culling beam to damage the hull.

2048 texture, 10,088 tri’s.


SGI: Shu’tak Motherhsip

Stargate: Invasion

This ship was designed to the the advanced support capital ship, went with a lot of sensors and a more spindly look. The mesh is a heavily modified version of the Apophis Mothership with a new texture.

2048 texture, 6,324 tri’s

SGI: Ha’tel Motherhship

Stargate: Invasion

Added some additional structures and detail from the original Ha’tak mesh, scaled up and proportions changed too. I remade the texture to accommodate the new scale as well as giving it a more advanced look.

2048 texture, 5,668 tri’s

SGI: Wraith Cruiser

Stargate: Invasion

Remade the Wraith Cruiser to be more in line with how it appeared in the show as well as giving it a matching texture to the other structures so far.

I would have went for more detail but with this being a cruiser unit the tri count had to remain low.

1024 texture, 3,522 tri’s

SGI: Wraith Research Stations

Stargate: Invasion

I created these as the military and planetary research stations in the game. Nothing special about them but due to their size I kept the textures at 2048 and made sure that both versions share the texture.

Civilian station: 2,524 tri’s

Military station: 4,492 tri’s

SGI: Anubis Mothership

Stargate: Invasion

Quite enjoyed making this one, despite how simple the shapes are, creating a modular system to maximize the UV space was quite fun and a challenge.

After I made this version of the ship I decided to create the opened version of the ship where it basically turns into a big gun. I reworked the geometry while not changing the original UV to save on memory.

2048 textures, 9,544 triangles (Open version)

2048 textures, 8,838 triangles (Closed version)