Wings! Remastered

Wings! Remastered

Wings! Remastered was a classing 80’s Amiga title based on WW1 Dog fighting.

For this game it was my responsibility to recreated the original game play of two of the game modes, Strafing and Bombing.

The Strafing missions consisted of a fixed 3D isometric view, the player would encounter enemy personnel, artillery, convoys and trains along the various levels.

I played the original game, watched long play videos in order to recreate all the levels and enemy placements. From there levels were created using modular square tile meshes in order to get the most flexibility out of the assets. Once the levels were madeĀ I created various times of day and atmospheric effects to add more variation from the original game as well as most of the particle effects, mainly explosions, weapons, smoke and weather.

The second game mode was Bombing, a top down mode where the player would be tasked with bombing identified targets. I again, recreated the levels based off the original game to a high degree of accuracy as well as creating different sets of particle effects for the explosions and cloud formations.

Once these game modes were largely complete I created various enhancements to the main game mod of Dog Fighting.

Within the 3D environment I placed all of the ground assets as well as set up the various times of day and seasons. Again, I created all of the weapon and smoke effects for this game mode as well as some extra embellishments such as screen effects.

Finally, I worked on several cutscenes in the game to create normal maps, particles and other assets such as weather balloons to fill out the scenes.